Book Review

Are We Missing Something?

Discovering God,s House, God,s Church, and True Worship

By Keith Dorricott


Using the Old and New Testament scriptures, Keith Dorricott traces the concept of God living among a people on earth and shows how the bible provides answers to fundamental questions such as

  • Why are there so many Christian Churches?
  • Can we be true Christians without belonging to a church?
  • Is the apostles’ teaching relevant in the twenty-first century?
  • Is the New Testament just first-century history, or is it also a blueprint for us?
  • Is all worship acceptable to God?

By challenging all true followers of Jesus Christ to set aside conventional thinking and focus on the true meaning of God’s house, Keith Dorricott provides a path of genuine study and reflection that will guide all those who wish to examine and reaffirm their service to God.