Bible students ask: Is it possible to have a new testament church today?

The first new testament church was the Church of God in Jerusalem, to which were added thousands of people daily who were being saved.

That many people obviously could not all meet in the same place but we only read of the Church of God in Jerusalem not the Churches of God in Jerusalem. God therefore had only one church in Jerusalem.

We also read of the Church of God in Corinth and other cities but when  John writes in Revelation   1v4 “to the seven churches which are in Asia” he is referring to churches in cities in another area.

So if there is only one Church of God in each city how  do we know which church is the  Church of God in the city in which we live?

There are so many denominations, is it possible to have a true new testament church that God would recognize as The Church of God today?

Can any denomination claim to be the true new testament Church of God?  To be a new testament Church of God would a  church have to be non denominational?

Could a number of non denominational churches that meet at different locations in one city that hold different teaching be considered by God to be The Church of God in that city?

These are some of the questions that all Christians need to find answers to from the bible. In Rev 2 v 5 we read “Remember the height from which you have fallen ! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.” It is possible that we could belong to a church from which Christ has removed the lampstand,  a church that God does not consider to be a Church of God.

To say that all churches are Churches of God are  all part of the universal church  is to fail to make a distinction between what the bible teaches about the Church which is Christs body, the local  Church of God and the House of God.

Do we as Christians fall so far short of what God expects of us that Christ has removed all of the lampstands and there are no  True New Testament Church of God in existance today? To believe that is to say that  God is not able to reveal himself to individuals and bring together like minded people whom he has called to worship him according to the pattern laid down in scripture. Let us not limit God but search the scriptures to see what God will reveal to us about how we should worship him in His house.