Generating Links

Getting links to your web site and web pages improves your page rankings for the search engines so you want to get as many links to your web site as possible.

One links from a web site that has a good page ranking is better than a number of links from a web site with no page ranking.

There are a number of ways to get links. Some you can generate yourself and others people link to your site because you have good information.

You can post pictures on with anchor text in the description that will link back to your web page. You can post as many pictures as you want and have a link to each page on your web site. Keep in mind that you must have the right to the picture. You should get permission before posting someones picture.

Next you can go to and digg your web site. You enter the url and write a short description.

The third easy way to generate links is to open a Twitter account then go and open an account onĀ  Tweetdeck. In Tweetdeck you open a column to do searches for people who are interested in your information. Each time you want to do a search you open another column. Posting a link and a description on Tweetdeck will notify everyone who is interested in your information and give them a link that will take them to your web page.

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