My name is Stanley McCall. I live in Ancaster,  Ontario, Canada. I am a member of The Church of God in Hamilton that meets at Sheldon Gospel Hall. http://www.sheldongospelhall.com/ I am also a director of Mount Forest Camp (MFC) http://www.mountforestcamp.ca

I am interested in Christian apoligetic . We are exhorted in the bible to be able to give a reason for the faith that you have. That is one of the reasons for this web site, to explain what I believe to be true from the word of God about how we can worship God in unity as believers. There are so many sincere Christians in so many denominations. That  God is blessing so many different Christian groups is obvious yet many of them are not following too closely the clear teaching of scripture so does it matter? Why do I worship in a Church of God? Are all churches not Churches of God? What does God get from worshipers in Churches of God that He does not get from people in other churches?

One of the other reasons for this web site is because I have found that a lot of church web sites are not very good as outreach tools. There are millions of people searching the internet every day to discover meaning in life. If they do not find Christ then they will only find what the world has to offer. If  Christian web sites do not have topics that can be searched for and found then we are wasting our time.

My aim is to create a web site with key words that can be found and gets a lot of traffic to it.  As I learn how to do that I will document it under the topic “Web pages that work” so that others can improve the web pages that they are doing for their church.

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